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The secret of a cool soup for a summer meal


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The hot sun will completely disappear when you have in hand the secret of the secret to the delicious and refreshing summer meal. Nanifood will cook with you delicious, cool and delicious summer meals.
Recipes Delicious and cool dishes for a summer meal
1. Boiled water spinach soup with vinegar (crocodile or lemon)
Water spinach is sweet, cool, ... very easy to eat, especially this is a popular vegetable in the summer. According to oriental medicine, water spinach has welding properties, clearing heat. A plate of green morning glory, accompanied by a bowl of soup with the cool sour taste of crocodile or lemon. Adding a few pickled tomatoes ensures that the meal will become more appetizing and cost more rice

2. Loofah / melon soup cooked with dried shrimp
Food melon is available in summer days. It has a sweet, neutral taste and a light scent. The effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, laxative, etc. Boiled melon soup served with tomato pickle in summer is really great. Or cook with dried shrimp/raw spring rolls, clams, mussels,... a bowl of soup with a cool, delicious, nutritious taste,...
3. Mussel soup cooked with hot vegetables
Crab / Clams / Mussels are all Korean dishes. Heat clearing, diuretic effect. Very suitable for sour soups cooked with spinach, spinach, jute vegetables, loofah, etc. The feeling of eating a bowl of mussel soup with spinach will have an unusual cool
4. Bitter gourd soup stuffed with meat
Dried bitter melon is used as a tea to drink with the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, etc. Bitter melon has welding properties, so bitter melon stuffed with meat is really great on a hot summer day. Bitter gourd can also be cooked with dried shrimp, etc. To make the stuffed bitter melon soup more delicious, add a little wood ear, shiitake, scallions, pepper, delicious fish sauce,…
5. Clam soup cooked with young beans and tomatoes
Welded clams can be processed in many different ways. A bowl of sweet and sour soup with clams, young beans, tomatoes, add a few stalks of spring onions, etc. The feeling of summer heat will completely disappear.
6. Crab soup
Crab is a nutritious food rich in nutrients. Buy crabs to clean, separate and separate yellow bricks. Grind the crab meat and filter the water. It will be great when cooked with spinach soup, melon, amaranth,…
7. Sour soup cooked with mushrooms, minced meat
I just wanted to eat it. Delicious, nutritious and incredibly easy to make. Ingredients include mushrooms, minced meat (ground), green pineapple, tomatoes, green onions, ... the finished product you will get is a bowl of soup with a sweet taste from mushrooms, meat, a mild sour taste from tomatoes, pineapple,

Please add to your notebook 7 delicious, cool soups,… this right now. Make sure that with these daily dishes, your family members will no longer feel bored on this hot summer day. Refreshing dishes will stimulate eating. Nanifood is happy to accompany you in every meal, in health/life matters.


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