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Mini Loader Safety

$ 120.00

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Kanga Mini Loader
$120 for 4Hrs $165/day or $270/2 Days
Cheap weekly rates available

When using the Kanga with any attachment there are a few important safety points to consider.

-Always ensure attachments are positioned as low as possible when the machine is in motion. Driving forward or reverse with a raised attachment may result in the machine tipping or falling causing injury or damage.

-If working on a slope, always work up and down keeping the heaviest end facing uphill. Never work across the slope as the machine can easily roll sideways, especially if the attachment is raised.

-Ensure to DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG. Contact the relevant services at to help you identify the location of electrical cables and plumbing beneath the ground.

-The Kanga comes with an operation safety switch which is triggered by stepping off the standing platform.

-Be sure not to overload the weight restriction of the trailer or your cars towing capacity.

Loader Model: DW628
Engine: Honda GX690 Petrol Ground Clearance 185mm
Power: 16.5kW Cooling: Water Cooled
Life Capacity: 250kg Travel Speed 7.5km/h
Fuel Capacity: 45L System Pressure: 220BAR
Operating Weight: 972kg Width: 1030mm
Bucket Max Rollback: 40°
Maximum Operating Height: 2,500mm
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Kanga’s basic model lineup is complemented by the best wheel/tyre ground clearance combination possible.
Industry Leading ground clearance
Biggest wheel tyre combination
No compromise on torque, powered by 32cbi hi-torque wheel motors
Strong heavy duty wheel construction
Best in class – Approach and departure angles
Best in class – Load carrying stability across the undulating ground.
Such an important product feature that is often overlooked. The ability to carry a full load with the arms completely lowered ensures optimum stability & safety. Other machines in the market require the operator to lift the arms when carrying a load as they don’t have adequate ground clearance, this puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the hydraulics. With a Kanga, the bucket in the full rollback position is in line with the belly pan of the machine, providing a true indication of clearance before damaging the belly of the machine.

Wheels are the traditional option for Skid steers- they are versatile in all ground conditions and can operate on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt but also are at home on turf, dirt and rocky conditions.

Kanga tyres are designed for longevity, Kanga have engineered this concept further than any other manufacturer and have developed a design that incorporates huge 23″ tyres offering many advantages over machines fitted with smaller wheels. Think like a 4WD vs a Barina- the Kanga has the best ground clearance allowing it to clear obstacles like jumping a gutter and deeper mud without the base pan of the loader bottoming out and becoming bogged. The larger tyre diameter means that the machine has a larger surface contact with the ground allowing more torque (pushing power).

Soft Touch Controls
The Kanga designed Soft Touch Control is the softest and most ergonomically friendly control system in the market

Superior operator ergonomics – Raised controls to reduce operator reach and fatigue
Superior Safety – Most responsive, stable and controlled steering
True two-hand operation allows quick proficiency
Hydraulic Design – Allows minimal training to get the operator to maximum efficiency for attachments.

Oil Safety Cutout Switch
The mercury switch sensor detects low oil level and immediately shuts off to protect the engine.
Unmatched Quality and Support
Each Kanga is designed and manufactured for durability, reliability, productivity, less environmental impact and most importantly a long life! Kanga also maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts that support our current product range as well as some legacy parts, which are up to 30 years old. With over 5,000 parts on the shelf, you can be assured fast access to spare parts keeping you on the job!

Larger Operators Platform
The larger operators platform has been ergonomically designed so that the operator can maintain a wider, neutral stance which improves safety and fatigue reduction. The operator is enclosed within the operating platform. Bump protection bars on tanks also provide additional support.

Kanga’s bucket ensures safe, fast, easy operation without the danger of load spillage over the operator. The self-levelling feature also offers superior control allowing the operator to fill the bucket to its maximum capacity – making it the only mini Loader in today’s market with this feature.

Kanga Can
Regardless of the job at hand, Kanga Can! Our highly versatile piece of machinery takes on a wide variety of tasks, turning hard work easy.
Always trade safe! It is safer when you trade locally, you see the goods before paying. Avoid using payment / transfer methods such as Western Union, this is the same as sending cash to someone. If you do not trade locally use a service such as PayPal, this can offer you some protection, see for terms. See our help/FAQ section for more info

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