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Buy Ceramic Smudge Bowl in Australia
Burning herbs and cleansing people and places of negative energies have never been easier with our ceramic smudge bowls. Our products are beautifully crafted to catch the residue of your smudge sticks and hold burnt herbs.
Our smudge bowls feature varying colours, offering a sense of personality and individual beauty. They also highlight different symbols, which are painted on the outside of the pots. Made from durable and heat-resistant materials, these bowls are the perfect place to rest your lit smudge sticks and burning herbs.
Interested to buy a smudge bowl? See Life’s Turning Point’s collection of smudge bowls below.
Ceramic Smudge Pot – Goddess Pentacle design
Purify and Transform the air, protect the energy at your Spiritual Sanctum with this enchanting ceramic Pagan design Smudge Pot.
This smudge pot holder contains a (receptacle) raised edge within the middle of the bowl’s basin that allows you to place your smudge stick within in an upright position without tipping over. A safe hands-free smudge stick burning during meditation. Sculpted from ceramic, hand painted, and fired in a kiln, these smudge bowls are not only great accessories, but beautiful decorative pieces as well.
Traditional pagan symbols, of the Pentacle and Spiral Goddess, have been painted on the outside of these little pots in vibrant shades
of blues and purples.
Spiral Goddess
This symbol, often used by Wiccans, is used as a sign of life. The spiral represents the ever continuing cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
The spiralling line can be seen as the constant path of life and has been found throughout history as far back as Palaeolithic times, where
they were carved on tombs. Spirals can also be found in many instances in nature, for example, galaxies and seashells.
The star in this symbol is used to represent the four classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire plus spirit. A circle is then placed around
them to symbolize the connection and reciprocal relationship between them all. The pentacle is sometimes used on altars and in magical
work to symbolize the element of earth.
Bonus Inner receptacle to hold your smudge stick
Measurements: – 10.16cm (h) x 12.7cm (w)

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