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How to care for your lawn / Garden?
Lawn care in Brisbane involves more than just the occasional mow.
While freshly-cut lawns do look great, it’s more cosmetic than
anything else. Complete lawn care, from Brisbane to Bristol, means
doing a little more than pushing the mower around your patch every
few weeks. But as many of us equate lawn care with lawn mowing, it’s
a great place to start this short ‘how to’ guide.

A Proper Irrigation System is The Key To Green

If you have deep passion for Your Lawn, just like all the other
greenery in your garden it needs the right amount of water, sunlight
and fertilizer.

What happen when you over water your lawn?
Too much water can leave the leaves and stems of the grass weak and
soft which mean they can get easily damaged simply by walking or
playing on an area. Too much water can even drown the roots cutting
off vital oxygen needed for survival.

Feed Your Grass To Make it Big and Strong
Most grass types need more than the odd rain shower, followed by a
sunny day. Your lawn care regime should also include a quarterly
application of fertiliser. You might think your lawn can look after
itself, and that fertiliser is for vegetable and flower gardens but
fertilising your lawn can do wonders for its health and appearance.
Many lawn feed formulas also contain wetting agents for better water
penetration into the soil- this reduces the need to irrigate your
lawn, a real time and water-saver.

Not all lawns were established and developed for your conditions.
Remember, many of the grass varieties we know and use in Brisbane
have come from all over then world, from Victoria to Florida and
growing conditions and nutrient sources will vary dramatically.
For this reason it is extremely important to feed your lawn with a
good, nutrient-rich fertiliser regularly.

The key times to fertilise are spring, to help recover from a
dormant winter and set up for a hot summer, and autumn to prepare
the turf for a hard and cold winter! But fertilising through the
summer is also possible. Providing the essential nutrients through
summer will keep your lawn healthy, supplementing the speedy
growth and encouraging stronger roots.

Grub KillersWeeds, pests and diseases can make your lawn ugly and
very sick. If ignored, they will only get worse over time until a
lawn can no longer sustain healthy growth. Be prepared! Keep some
general lawn weed killer in your shed and make it part of your yearly maintenance routine to treat your whole lawn in spring and winter.

Be ready for grubs! Grub season is throughout the summer and into
autumn, and can take hold of the nicest lawn in a matter of days.
Keep an eye out for moths flying over your lawn at dusk and into
the evening… this is your sign that you will need to get out a in
few days to start your attack!

Many lawn diseases are caused by over watering or general lawn
neglect. Avoid watering in the late afternoon or evening, as the
water will stay on the leaves through the night and can promote
fungal growth.

Dappled Light doesn’t matter how shade tolerant your lawn is, the
bottom line is, all turf needs varying levels of direct sunlight
to survive. Direct sunlight on grass activates the growing process,
which is called Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of
capturing energy from the sun and converting it into chemical
energy that can be used as fuel your lawn activities, and without
it, no matter how much water and fertiliser we give, your lawn
can starve to death.
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